We work with 85 rural farmers and women in Ugandan villages. The rural farmers are first registered into co-operatives and given registered codes.

Farmers are trained in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) leading to conformity to Food Safety and Hygiene Standards

Jaksons provides farmers with well selected seeds. We do not use genetically modified seeds.

We market both fresh and dried pepper.
Fresh hot pepper is harvested when red or yellow and then it is washed, sorted, graded and packed in new export packaging material.

For dry hot pepper, after harvesting, the pepper is cut using hygeinic knives and tables to remove the seeds and placed on trays which are inserted into the drier.

From the farm It is pickled Solar dried Tasty pepper

Jaksons buys all the produce at fair trade prices. Fair trade is practiced at all levels. Jaksons also caters to farmers’ welfare.

  • Plot 43 Nkurumah Road, Pross House
  • P.O.Box 5841 Kampala Uganda
  • Tel/Fax 256-414-251410
  • Tel/Fax 256-414-251410
  • Email info@jaksonsuganda.com